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What LOCAL People Say

Young Mam single parent

I no longer need the food box, I can not thank you enough for your support through this challenging few months it has been. If I am ever stuck I know I will be back in contact with you as you have been amazing and helped me so much

Thank all your team for me


Absolutely amazing organisation! What their doing for our community is fantastic! The little things go along way and the whole of Merthyr are very thankful for everything you do!


Massive applause to you all 


Thank you for what you did, for me and the kids. You don't see many people that do that for others, the kids are going to make you a thank you card! 

Thank you very much

All thanks to you, my children have had a lovely Christmas! I couldn't thank you enough. You are so helpful, people like your selves out there! 

Mr P

Mr P said: I really struggled finding anyone to do my shopping, because no one could get it right! Then Philippa called me from the trust, and Huw did my first shop, and everything went from there. Philippa has been my rock and my listening ear. Without her help supported by the Stephens And George charity and team, the last few months would've been unbearable. Thank you.

Mrs K

You and the team are so kind, its so pleasing to see Philippa, the entitlement officer. "You Keep Surprising Me, first my birthday cake, then my flowers. And now here you are doing my home shopping for me, your an angel in deguise

Darren Challis

​​Just wanted to say a few words of thanks to you all since I have been ill since March and all the food parcels I have received and then was refered to yourselves again by my local mp and had a phone call straight away from an amazing lady named Philips who is the entitlement officer who has been very supportive and has spoken to me over phone to see how I am and my well being and sorted out food parcels for me straight away I always want to thank the drivers for dropping it off for me all of them I don’t know the names only huw whom I’ve known for a very long time you all so an amazing job and have never been so humbled and treated like this in my life thanks all but especially to Philipa you are my angels

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