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Showcase of Work



The Stephens and George charitable trust runs a scheme calls Baby BookWorm, the scheme reaches out to mothers and new born baby's to get them and their baby's more engaged into books and reading.



At the Trust we aim to provide a diversity of opportunity within the local community. This means coming up with new, interesting ways in which we can use reading and writing as creative forms of self expression with young people in the area. We encourage people to submit their short stories for publication on our blog, run a newsletter project for budding journalists to sharpen their skills and a multitude of other exciting initiatives.

Cabin Reading


Our reading groups work with care homes, schools, homeless projects, women’s refuges, Cancer Aid services and many other groups within
Merthyr Tydfil.

Experienced story-tellers read short stories, poems and extracts aloud to generate discussion around the writing. This encourages critical thinking 
and an engaging, enjoyable, intellectual discussion.

For further information on our Reading Groups please feel free to contact us.

Image by Aw Creative


In order to cultivate a society in which an appreciation of reading and writing is prevalent and to encourage these media as forms of creative self-expression, the Trust has created a series of imaginatively themed creative spaces for young people.
Allowing young people to be immersed in a literary and visually stimulating environment allows them the opportunity to discover literature in their own way and at their own pace. These spaces encourage them to consider picking up a book or writing a short story in these beautiful spaces instead of switching on the television.
The spaces have all been created from donated and recycled material, which ties in directly with MTCBC Re-use scheme. Volunteers donated their time and talent to build the spaces up from literally nothing but an empty room. Several of these volunteers have gone on to full time employment as a result of their work on these projects.



We know that writing can be a form of cathartic release to many, and can be a deeply satisfying medium for journalistic and emotional expression.

We have endeavoured to work directly with young people in the community who are passionate about their writing and who are looking to develop their skills into a potential future career.

Working with established writers, poets and industry professionals we have striven to give these young people the best possible opportunity to realise the 
full extent of their literacy ambitions.



In 2018 - 2022  the Stephens And George Trust took part in the Erasmus + Scheme. A scheme designed to inter connect young people from all around the world, so far the trust has been able to complete multiple Erasmus+ trips but hope to do more in the future.



Throughout the summer holidays the trust ran Summer of Fun Club, who ethos #nophonesorcomputers allows children and young people to learn through workshops and play. 


 The various workshops supported children’s and young people social, emotional, physical, mental wellbeing. Workshops included Animal Encounters, Falconry, The Slime Factory, Author and illustrator workshops, blind fruit and vegetable tasting, drumming, animal encounters  etc.

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